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The easiest way to find subtitles for your movies and series. Just select the video file and get the perfect subtitle in seconds

Subtitles 1.3 subtitle one click away

Subtitles is a simple program that will find subtitles for your movies. All you need to do is right click on the movie. Choose a language from the selection. And them click. Your web browser will open up displaying a perfect set of subtitles.

Subtitles 1.3

If Subtitles doesnt find your movie straight away, dont worry. Subtitles doesnt search for the movie name (too much scope for error). But instead, calculates a hash for your movie. If it doesnt have that hash stored in the database. It automatically looks for it elsewhere on the internet. If it still cant find it. You search manually and your hash is saved for future use.

On the subject of subtitles, did you know that if you use a media player such as ALLPlayer. All you have to do is save the subtitles in the same folder as the movie and make sure they have the same name? If they do, the player will automatically add them to your movie - its that easy!